New Years 2013, APC


Work is slow today.

It’s so damn slow that the clock seems to be moving backwards. In fact,it’s so damn slow that I’m actually posting to my much neglected blog.


I think this might qualify as the hardest game I’ve ever tried to play. Though I’m not sure the phrase “game” is really accurate. It’s really more like a long series of quick-time events with one button.

It’s much the same vein as Super Meat Boy. You go back to the beginning when you screw up. At least with Super Meat Boy, you can tell where the edges of the obstacles are. Not so much with this game.

I played it for about five minutes, and then removed it from my machine. Sometimes the games in the Humble Indie bundles really click for me, and sometimes–BIT.TRIP RUNNER for instance–they don’t.

I’m back, baby!

After about 12 months of internet exile, I finally have a properly hosted website again. Which will most likely be used to as a file server for friends and family, but what the hell, right?

I may even write some ridiculously esoteric tech articles on here. And maybe whine about the last movie I saw.

As I’m approaching the beginning of year three of near-unemployment, it’s not as if I have anything better to do. Yay.